Advice From a Dentist - Caring For Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers will give you long-lasting solution to yellowed or damaged teeth. These small little 'covers' fit over your natural teeth to give each one a smooth, even surface. Once you've undergone the time and expense of having this treatment, you want to look after them to maintain their stunning appearance. This informative article goes through some of the recommendations a dentist will give you to keep your new smile feeling better.

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Immediately After The Placement Of Porcelain Veneers

To be able to place the cover over your teeth, the dentist must remove a thin layer of the enamel so that they aren't noticeable. Unfortunately, you'll find this makes them extremely sensitive for fourteen days after the treatment. To stop the discomfort, avoid foods and beverages which can be extremely hot or cold until everything has a chance to 'heal'.

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Maintain Proper Daily Care

This procedure is intended to be as natural as possible. As such, it requires no special maintenance beyond normal daily oral care. It is possible to and should brush them when you would your natural teeth. Mouthwash is a good idea for not easy to reach spots. You must follow this 3 x per day or if you eat or drink anything when you can. Just be sure to use a soft bristle brush and become careful not to use a lot of force, which will deteriorate the material and your natural enamel. It will also prevent you from damaging your gum tissue.


A lot of people worry about loosening porcelain veneers once they floss. After placement, it is unlikely you will do harm with floss. Therefore, make sure to floss once daily to help keep your teeth, gums, along with the porcelain from gathering with plaque and bits of food.

Avoid Hard Or Sticky Foods

It is obvious that this treatment is hard and durable. However, you should still avoid chewing hard or sticky foods with the affected portion of your smile. These could chip or crack the information. They can also place uneven pressure that could twist or force the top's out of place. If you do choose to eat these types of foods, be sure you use your back teeth.

Stop Bad Personal Habits

A dentist often says never to chew on your fingernails or another things, but it becomes a lot more important with porcelain veneers. Objects like toothpicks and pencils can break the procedure from its bed, forcing these to lift away from the enamel.

Whether you see a Newport Beach dentist, or a professional elsewhere in the nation, you can feel more comfortable with your new, beautiful smile. By using these simple rules of care, they are going to stay clean and pristine white well into the future.